Valentine’s Day Couple’s Treatment at Soul Wellness Spa

Valentine’s Day is coming! There’s nothing like a commercial holiday to put totally unnecessary and undue pressure on a relationship. Good news is, we can reclaim these so-called holidays, and craft them to be special in our own ways. This year, I decided to go to the spa. I go to the spa anyway, but... Continue Reading →


The Spa At Fairmont Dubai

I love getting myself pampered at Spas more than anyone else I've known. The main reason why I choose Spas over Salons is that the facilities at a Spa are more than those at salons. Also, the quality of service is far better at a Spa than at any high-end salon. And above all, the... Continue Reading →

Journey Relaxation at Raffles Spa

Weekends are meant to relax & get pampered by the experts at a spa & if it is Raffles Spa, then it takes the whole experience to another level. Life can be very stressful sometimes especially if you’re inundated with the workload. Don’t get me wrong,  I love my work but being a perfectionist means I’m... Continue Reading →

Abeer Al Yaseen Beauty Spa

I was invited by Abeer Al Yaseen beauty Spa to review their most luxurious hammam called The Queen of Marrakesh hammam. The hammam is more commonly known in the West as a Turkish bath as its initial conception dates back to the Ottoman Empire where it served as place for social gathering, ritual cleansing connected... Continue Reading →

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